Blog – Lots to tell

And so, it is nearly the end of November – hasn’t this year just flown by.  Christmas is nearly upon us, and the end of the year is just around the corner. And, there is lots to tell at the moment.

Firstly, Easie Eaters are on the way – and should be here in the next week or two. There will be 4 differents sets available – left handed with or without the safety shield, and right handed with or without the safety shield. Easie Eaters are angled utensils, designed by an Occupational Therapist to assist with self feeding.  Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement that they have arrived.

Also, Scooter Boards will also be available later this week!  Scooter boards can have many benefits, developing strength and co-ordination to name just a couple. The Scooter Boards will be timber, with non-marking castor wheels. Available any day now…

Another product available later this week – washable “Heavy’s” weighted lap bags and shoulder drapes. They will be hand washable, and as always, available in corduroy in girly or boyish colours. 

In other news, for all the Brisbane residents who would like to save themselves on postage, I will be holding a stall at a ‘Christmas Shopping Extravanza’ on the southside. The ‘Christmas Shopping Extravanza’ will be held this Friday night the 4th December at Belmont State School hall, Old Cleveland Rd, Carindale. Doors open at 7pm, and there will be many stallholders on the night offering all sorts of goodies. I will have a stall set up with all the current products available on the night, so if you would like to have a look at, or buy some products and save yourself some money on postage, come on down - I’ll look forward to seeing you there.

Christmas Prize pack entries will close midnight tomorrow night (30th November), so remember for any orders over $20 you will receive one entries into the competition. $20 will equate to one entry, $40 two entries, and so on. Happy shopping and Good luck!

Lastly, Special Needs 4 Special Needs will be closed for 2 weeks over the Christmas/New Year period. I will post the dates on the website soon.  

I hope you all had a wonderful and stress free weekend.


New Products available soon…

Easie Eaters are on their way!  Easie Eaters are angled utensils (fork and spoon) which were designed by an Occupational Therapist. They are designed to provide greater success with self-feeding, have an easy to grip handle, and can be used by left or right handers. There will also be sets available with a safety shield, to prevent the utensil going too far into the mouth. They are lightweight, dishwasher safe, and are latex free. Available very soon!!!

Only days left to enter the Christmas comp!

Just a little reminder that November is nearly at an end, so remember that for every $20 spent during November you receive one entry into the Christmas Prize pack, worth over $40. Happy Shopping – and good luck!!!

Blog – Why? Why? Why?

After a recent trip to the paediatrician with my kids, I was left wondering why people in the know don’t give us parents and carers useful information that could potentially save us, or entitle us, to some much needed money. The answer I think, is also money.

Before we could actually go to the Paediatricians we had to go to the doctor. My sons referral had expired, so first we had to go to the doctor to get a new referral – $55 later.  Because we then had a new referral for him, we had to pay the ‘new patient’ price of $180, even though we have been going to this Paediatrician for a couple of years now, for the same reason all along.

So off we go to the Paed. While we are chatting with the Paediatrician I ask him about some Care Programs that our lovely (and very helpful) Occupational Therapist told me we should be eligible for. After avoiding the question for a couple of minutes he realised I wasn’t going to let it go, and checked some of his information. “Ah yes, I’ll sort that out for you. You’ll be eligible for that for both the children.” Yay, a win! But if our OT hadn’t mentioned it, we would never have known about these things, that will save us hundreds of dollars for each of our kids.

Why is it so hard to find out this information? Why don’t doctors tell you? Why didn’t our Paed ever mention this to us? My guess is, money again – the governments money – no-one seems keen to tell you about what help you could be eligible for from the government. I’m grateful for any, as any parent or carer of a special needs child is, but if  I can access more to help my children, then I’m certainly going to do it! 

So after forking out $250 for both kids, the receptionist then told me something fantastic. “Next time you go to the doctor, make sure you ask for a lifetime referral, then you won’t have to pay that new patient price”.  Lifetime referral???? What the????? After standing in stunned silence for a few seconds, I finally asked “Why hasn’t anyone enywhere ever told me that you could get a lifetime referral?”. The receptionist smiled sweetly, “Why, then all the doctors would lose out on the their money wouldn’t they?”  Another piece of very useful information, that no-one has ever told me before. I know now, so when my daughters referral expires in a couple of months and I have to go back to the doctor to get a new one, Ill be asking for a lifetime referral – tee hee!

So, after thinking I’ve had a little bit of a victory gaining some new and useful information, I was quickly deflated when I waltzed into Medicare to claim the first session on the Care Program, to be told by the friendly Medicare Officer that the Paediatrician  hasn’t actually activated the Care Programs yet….

So I’ve gained some infomation, but haven’t actually gained the benefit yet… and now I have to chase the Paed up to make sure he gets it going, and backdates it… oh if only it were easy hey!

So the moral of the story is: ask about lifetime referrals, ask every medical professional/therapist you deal with  questions about what you may be entitled to …and cross your fingers!  Good luck !

Fiona :)

Blog – nearly Christmas time…argghhh!!!

Well, the year is winding down. The christmas decorations are starting to go up in shopping centres, christmas craft is being done at school, and all of a sudden the countdown is on.  Not long til Santa does his dash around the globe. And that excitement and anticipation can also cause a lot of stress and anxiety.

This also means, the end of the school year is getting close. ‘Hooray’ say some…’arghhhh’ say others.  The kids will be at home from school for about 6 weeks, and for some parents that is a scary thought. No break from the demands of parenting a special needs child, and if your child is normally at school it’s going to feel like a long 6 weeks.

My kids are really showing the signs that the end of the year is nigh, and they can’t deal with school anymore.  The self harm stuff is peaking, the anxiety is nearly unbearable, the hyperactivity is off the richter…and there is still 4 weeks to go til holidays.  Can we wait that long??? I can.

While I absolutely love the freedom of not having to make lunches and do homework every night that school holidays brings, the anxiety and stress that the unstructured daily holiday life brings, I could live without.  While I try to provide structure and routine and things that will help relieve those problems, I am human, and sometimes I wonder “When do I get a holiday from all this?”

This time of year there is lots of stress at school – to complete things, make christmas gifts for loved ones, christmas events, and teachers sometimes have a lot more unstructured time in the classroom to complete all they need to. There is lots of talk about moving up to the next year level, having new classmates, new teacher, new routine, new classroom, new new new….scary and stressful stuff for a lot kids, moreso for those kids with special needs. This stress and anxiety ends up coming home for mum and dad to deal with.

Still, tis the season to be jolly, so as parents and carers we go the extra mile, and somehow try to make everything wonderful, happy, calm and enjoyable for all. Even these last few weeks of school. Even the long 6 weeks of school holidays. And we hope  the long break from school revitalises childrens souls, calms their mind and body, replenishes their spirits, and ours too. Lets hope these last few weeks of school, the christmas festivities and the holidays are happy for all, and enjoyed by all too.

Til next time…

Fiona :)

P.S. Don’t forget that for every $20 spent this month you will receive 1 entry into the Christmas Prize Pack.

Product of the month – November

The product of the month for November is: The Pencil Grip.  The pencil grip is ergonomically designed, using a revolutionary shape, to gently place fingers in the proper grip position.It fits a standard size pencil or pen,so is great for school or home. The Pencil Grip is great for those with writing difficulties, poor grip, muscle tone issues, or those learning to write. It is suitable for left or right handers – simply place thumb on the ‘L’ for left handers, or thumb on the ‘R’ for right handers. It is soft and squishy for comfort, and comes in lots of colours – great product!

Blog – Dilemmas

Each day, each week, we are faced with a dilemma of some sort. This week, for me, it has been ‘to medicate or not to medicate?’  My 6 year old son’s hyperactivity is increasingly becoming a problem it seems. The self harm for stimulation is worrying. The usual strategies we use don’t seem to be working,  the new strategies we’re trying to implement are being met with refusal and ‘non-compliance’, and that leaves us as his parents, and his teachers, and therapists, in a dilemma.

As a parent of a child (or 2) with special needs, you try to make the right decisions, the right choices that will really benefit them -the same as you would with any child, it just seems to be more crucial for a child with special needs. I know there are some conditions that require medication as a matter of health or survival, and there is not a second thought regarding that decision. There is no other choice. But what if you have a choice? Herein lies the dilemma.

What if there is no guarantee it will work?   What if they have a bad reaction to it? What if it changes them in a bad way? What if it makes things worse? But…What if you don’t try????  What if it helps? What if it makes a real difference?  Now I know I’m not alone here, there are people reading this right now that are experiencing the same dilemma.  And so what do we do?

Well, for us, this is something we will think about much more before any decisions are made. We will keep trying other ideas, other  options. I am not anti-drugs, I think they can truly help. I just don’t know if I want my 6 year old to be taking them. MY baby.

In the meantime, I will try as many other options as possible before we go down that road. And I’ll keep my fingers crossed that something else will work. It’s not the end of the world by any means, I know that, it’s just a dilemma. And we’ll keep plugging along…


Win a prize pack valued over $40

Every $20 spent during November will give you one entry into the draw to win the Christmas Prize pack, valued at over $40. The prize pack contains: 1 x bath time organiser, 1 x toilet organiser, 2 x squishy mice, 1 x set of 2 spiky massage balls, 1 x flame ball, 1 x stretchy caterpillar, 1 x Yoropen VI pencil, 1 x Hb refill pack for Yoropen VI,

over $40 of value

over $40 of value

1 x crossover pencil grip, 1 x Pencil grip, 1 x jumbo pencil grip, 1 x ”I am worth it..” poster, 2 x small squishy creatures, 2 x stretchy tactile bracelets.  So if you spend $20 you get one entry, $40 you get two entries, and so on. It will be drawn in the first week of December – so good luck!