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The end of May already! Where is the time going?

June is nearly upon us and there will of course be lots going on, such as the MS Walk and Fun Run in some states on the 6th, Medical Research Week 4-11th,  ALS/MND Awareness Dayon the 21st, and more.  And on a lighter note, did you know that there’s an International Whores Day on the 2nd June???? oh dear…..

Now onto something completely different.  I know I rave about the virtues and wonderful talents of OT’s, but I am just so often reminded of the dramatic differences they can make in a child’s life, that I can’t help myself. I only have to look at my two children, one of whom has been going to OT for over 4 years, the other for about 2 1/2 years, to see the massive difference it has made to their lives – and our whole families really.

In the not too distant past my daughter couldn’t even hold a pencil to write her name, or a fork to eat her dinner. My son was much the same, he didn’t have any muscle strength to do what most boys his age do, like ride bikes, climb trees, run amok.It was very hard to watch as a parent.

Last week something amazing happened.  My 4 year old son (Neurotypical – though he does copy a lot of autistic behaviours) decided he wanted to be like the little boy next door and ride his bike with no training wheels. He is a big 4 year old, full of energy and confidence – one of those kids who will just succeed at every sport he tries I think. So, off come the training wheels, and after a little coaching from Daddy, we hold our breath and off he goes. Wobbly at first, but after a couple of tries he’s riding like he’s been doing it all his life. Hooray! 

Now our daughter is almost 9, and our other son about to turn 7 in 2 weeks. There have been many times over the last few years when they have asked us to take their training wheels off so they can ride like the other kids.  We have obliged, and given it a go, unfortunately it always ended in frustration, tears, bruises, and ultimately the training wheels went back on. Little muscles weren’t strong enough to push, balance definitely needed work, and organising thoughts like ‘put legs down if falling’ didn’t happen. Again, hard to watch their sad,scared, frustrated little faces. 

Last week was different!  After seeing their 4 year old brother try and fall, then try and succeed, they again asked for their training wheels to be taken off. Fearing the dissapointment again we were hesistant, but agreed. Warily, we talked them through what to do, encouraged, reminded them of their determination to ride, and with some helping hands, they were ready to try. We held our breath again…And there were falls, there was false starts, there was some frustration, but eventually, there was success!!!! Hooray!!!

Finally, there were little legs that were strong enough to push them along, determination overcame frustration, and everything just clicked. Instead of seeing sad little faces, we witnessed joyful smiling faces on all three of our children - nothing could be more beautiful! 

So I’ll say it again – Occupational Therapy is awesome!  Without OT (and admittedly lots of  effort from us too) our kids would probably still be struggling with feeding themselves, yet here they are succeeding at things that a lot of other kids can achieve quite easily. And while we still have many years of OT ahead of us, it is truly wonderful to see results!

Now that I have yet again raved about OT, onto something else. New products have been added to the website in the last few weeks, and there are more on the way. I will be expecting Chewlery Necklaces, Sensory Brushes, School Smart scissors, and more in the coming weeks. And in the not too distant future, I will also be expecting Cheww Stixx and Desk Buddy’s – great sensory tools. So, lots to be excited about, and I will of course announce when they are available on the website.

Until then, I hope you having a great week, and are able to celebrate your own little successes!

Fiona :)

Coming soon…

New products will be on their way soon…such as Chewlery necklaces, Sensory Brushes (great for Therapists), School Smart Scissors and more! I’m also hoping to secure some Chew Stixx and Desk buddy’s very soon.  Keep visiting the website, or subscribe to the RSS feed to receive the latest updates.

23-30th May

This week 23rd-30th May is Macular Degeneration Awareness Week. Macular Degeneration affects central vision and is the leading cause of blindness in Australia.  Please see an Optometrist immediately if you notice any changes in your sight!

More new products

Two new organisational products have just been added to the website - visit the Products page to view them, and all the other products currently available. There will also be new sensory products coming in the next week, so keep an eye out for those!

New Products

I have just added new products to the website, including ‘Getting Dressed’ organisational charts. Visit the Products page to have a look!

Diversional Therapy week

This week 14-20th May is Diversional Therapy Awareness Week. Diversional Therapists promote involvement in recreation and leisure activities for all ages and abilities by reducing barriers and providing appropriate opportunities. Diversional Therapists may work in such environments as: Aged Care facilities, Mental Health facilities, Respite facilities, Specialist Organisations, and many other settings. Diversional Therapists play an important role in achieving positive health outcomes for a wide community of people.

10th-16th May

This week, 10th-16th May is National Epilepsy Awareness week.  A range of programs and activities will run across the country to raise awareness and understanding, and funds.

Happy Mothers Day!

As we near the end of National Mothering Week, I would just like to wish all the wonderful, caring, devoted,  hardworking mums out there a VERY Happy Mothers day this Sunday! Your kids, especially your special needs kids are so lucky to have you. Treasure yourselves Mums, and allow yourself to be spoilt!

2nd-8th May

This week 2nd-8th May is National Mothering week. A week to celebrate what a great (and often unrecognised) job we do with our kids – special needs or not. So mothers, celebrate yourselves, give yourselves a pat on the back, and understand that you are doing amazing things to your children’s lives!

Also 2nd-8th may is Motor Neurone Disease awareness week. Motor Neurone Disease is a progressive, degenerative neurological disorder which currently has no cure.

Tourette’s Awareness week

This week, 1st – 7th May is Tourette’s Awareness Week.  Take the time to learn more about Tourette’s Syndrome, and how it affects its sufferers.