Time’s running out!

Last days now to enter the ‘Christmas in July’ prize pack competition – Competition closes 31st July. For every $30 spent til 31st July you will receive one entry into the draw, so for $30 spent you receive one entry, for $60 you receive 2 entires, and so on. Good luck to all those who have currently have entries. The winner will be announced shortly after competition closing.

Fragile X

Tomorrow 22nd July will be Fragile X Awareness Day. It is estimated that in Australia one child every week is born with Fragile X and twelve are born carriers. Fragile X Syndrome is the most common known genetic cause of autism and the most common cause inherited intellectual disability.  For information regarding Awareness events contact the Fragile X Association of Australia.

A few things to look at

I’ve recently started a group on Facebook purely for parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives or friends to share photos, stories, special achievments, or just a proud moment of the special needs child in their life. If you’d like to have a look, go to:


Also, on Facebook I’ve found another good group called ‘Disability Information Network’.  To check it out go to:


Special Needs 4 Special Needs is also on Facebook, check us out at:


blog – Seriously?

Half way through July already. School is back, and we’re settling back into the routine of school and therapy etc.

I have been a bit disturbed this week by comments seen on a morning tv show, and I just have to share.  Over the weekend, on the Sunrise program, some comments were made about special needs kids by social commentator Prue Macsween. The discussion started about a teacher who was suing the Education Department for the damage to her throat form always yelling at the students in her class.  While the two hosts and two commentators began well, discussing the validity of her claim, things started going a bit awry when Prue introduced special needs kids into the discussion. Initally I think her argument went well, stating what we all believe, that we need to throw a lot of money into the Education Dept to assist special needs children. However, she then started spouting comments like “boys are retarded”, “special needs kids should all be put somewhere separate so they can be trained”,”they should not be in classrooms with normal kids”, and insinuating that special needs kids were disruptive, and so on.  

I (and I am definitely not alone) was a bit shocked by her archaic views. I’m not sure whether she genuinely belives that, or whether she was simply trying to be controversial. It was clear the hosts and the other commentator thought she had crossed a line, but the words had already been spoken, those opinions had already been seen by thousands or tv viewers across Australia. It was out there.

I didn’t let it get to me too much at the time, as a parent of special needs children we are often (sadly) used to having to defend our children to narrow minded individuals.  Since the weekend though I have come across a Facebook page dedicated to that segment on Sunrise on the weekend. If you would like to have a look or cast your opinion about Ms Macsween’s comments, check out ‘Prue Macsween and Channel 7 should apologise’ at:


We all want the best for our special needs child, whatever the needs. One thing that we all want is inclusion – whether that is inclusion in a classroom in a mainstream school, or acceptance by extended family, or something completely different.

These comments make me wonder how many other people out there have the same opinion? Do people really still have to view that special needs kids need to be excluded, institutionalised, segregated, frowned upon, hidden away? Or is this simply the view of one ignorant, ill-informed individual? I hope it is the latter! And I would hope that Prue could one day experience a day in the life of a special needs child – it might open her eyes up to the real world. 

I hope I haven’t brought you down, I just had to air my thoughts. Have a wonderful day with your special child!

Fiona :)

Carers conference

Carers play a vital part in the lives of those with special needs. Tomorrow the 8th July is the beginning of the 4 day International Conference on Carers in the UK.  There are 4 key themes that the conference will focus on. For more information you can visit the Carers Australia website, or  http://www.carersconference.com/.

Christmas in July giveaway!

Ho! Ho! Ho!   Welcome to Christmas in July, where Special Needs 4 Special Needs is Santa, and you are the ones with a chance at winning the presents. For every $30 spent during July, you will receive one entry into the Christmas in July prize draw.  So if you spend $30 you receive one entry, spend $60 you receive 2 entries, and so on. The prize consists of Writing Aids and a variety of sensory items, valued at $44.40. 1 x Yoropen Vi pencil, 1 x Yoropen  VI Rainbow Crayon, 1 x set Massage balls, 1 x Sticky mouse, 1 x Squishy mouse, 1 x Colourful Windmill, 1 x Flame ball, 1 x Pencil Grip, 1 x medium The Writing Claw, 1 x Punch ball balloon, 1 x Hand Clapper, 1 x Fibre Optic lamp (with different settings), 1 x mini Maracas set.  Good luck!!!

Christmas in July Prize Pack