Chew Stixx® now available!

Chew Stixx® have now been added to the website! There are several types available, including the Pencil Toppers, have a look to see which would suit you best. Chew Stixx® have been designed to help the uncontrollable need for sensory input or oral grinding, in a handy sized product.

22-28th Aug

This week  22nd-28th August hosts two special events- Hearing Awareness week and Speech Pathology Awareness week. Sometimes these two things can go hand in hand. Our hearing is one of our fabulous senses that is a wonderful asset to our lives and enriches our world. Hearing impairment can severely affect learning and communication, and our way of  life.  If you have never had your or your childrens hearing tested,  Hearing Awareness week is a timely reminder  for you to do so.

Speech Pathologists play an important role in many children with special needs lives, and many more individuals also. I think it is important to take a minute to thank those who can make such a difference in a life – by helping with speech and communication. Thanks to ‘5 Energies’ for helping my children improve their Speech and Communication skills!

New Products

New Products have arrived – hooray! They will be available on the Products page in the next few days, I will let you know when!

More new products…

More new sensory products are on their way to Special Needs 4 Special Needs and should arrive within a couple of weeks. ‘Chew Stixx’ and the great sensory ‘Desk buddy’ will be available, and could be a great new asset for your child . Stay tuned… :)

New Play Pack

 Just added to the website – Play Pack – for children of All Needs and Abilities. These great packs have been designed by an Occupational Therapist, and are for children of all needs and abilities. Featuring 15 skill based game cards and 6 information cards. The games are created for children of all physical abilities, and developmental ages of 3-12+. With illustrations to entice children to participate and easy to follow directions. They are a great idea for parents, carers, teachers and therapists.  Visit the Products page to have a look at it, and all our products.

Back in stock

The Writing CLAW small and medium are now back in stock. Due to popular demand they were unavailable for a couple of weeks, but are now back on the website. New product will also be added to the website this week. :)

This week…

This week 1st-7th August is OCD and Anxiety Disorders week and also National Cerebral Palsy week.  Both weeks aim to raise awareness, understanding  and acceptance.  Events will be held nationally, please support them if you can.

We have a winner!

The ‘Christmas in July’ competition has come to a close, and the winner has been drawn…..Special Needs 4 Special Needs would like to congratulate  Gemma from South Yarra – you are a winner!  Your prize pack will be on it’s way soon – enjoy!!!