Thong Day

Tomorrow the 1st October is Thong Day. Thong Day is an initiative from Youngcare to try and raise money  to create real choice in care and accommodation options for young Australians with full-time care needs.  There are 6,500 young Australians with full-time care needs currently living in aged care simply because there are few alternatives. A further 700,000 are being cared for at home by family and friends.
Please support this worthy cause by purchasing some thongs from Terry White Chemists, and fundraise at your place of work, school, club or family.

New arrivals!

Special Needs 4 Special Needs has just added 5 new products to the Products page such as Mini Hedgehog balls, Visual Liquid timers etc - with more to come later in the week. Also, Spiky Massage Balls  have been reduced in price (yes, you have read right) to $2.80 per set of 2. Product prices now start from 90 cents at Special Needs 4 Special Needs.

New products

New products will be available late next week at Special Needs 4 Special Needs. There will be at least 5 new products available on the Products page…stay tuned!  :)

Holiday closure

Special Needs 4 Special  Needs will be closed for holidays 23rd Sept – 28th Sept. You will still be able to place orders during this time. Any orders or queries received during this time will experience a delay in response until after the 28th September. I hope you those of you having holidays are enjoying the time with your special children!

Blog – in the pipeline

Hello everyone out there! I know it’s been a while, but as most of you with special needs kids (well, just kids in general) sometimes life just gets a bit too busy to fit everything in.

So, yes, life has been hectic lately, I’m sure most of you can relate. Life always seems to be too busy, it makes me wonder when it is ever going to slow down. At least with school holidays coming up I don’t have to rush around to OT and Speech etc. I love school holidays, we always take a break from all that stuff, which I think helps when I then have to get back into again in the following school term.

My kids are really needing holidays. They are, as most other kids (just more to the extreme), tired and emotional and desperately in need of that couple of weeks break. In all honesty, I need it too. As I type my eyes are struggling to stay open, but as usual I have much more to do before I can hit the hay and hopefully get some delicious sleep.

One of the things on my to-do list tonight is to update everyone on what is going on at Special Needs 4 Special Needs.  Firstly, all flanellette lap bags and shoulder drapes will be discontinued at the end of this month. The budget (rice-filled) lap bags and drapes will still be available, but only in corduroy. Of course, the Washable weighted items will still be available as usual.

Secondly, there are new products on the way! Hopefully they will start to arrive in the next couple of weeks, I will keep you posted.

There are also, as always, many products on my ‘wish list’ to have available on the website. There are a few in the pipeline, waiting to come to fruition, such as: large bibs (as requested by many parents), weighted blankets, mini lap bags, and sloping writing boards just to name a few.  They are being developed at the moment, and you will be the first to know when they are available to purchase.

I’ll also be adding a few new links to the website, which you may want to check out. Did anyone see Dr Carr-Greg on channel 10’s ‘The Circle’ yesterday? He was there to promote the LiveWire website, which is one of the links I will be adding. It’s a great online community for those living with a serious or chronic medical condition.

Anyway, that’s about it for today. 3 more days til holidays – yay!

Fiona :)

Dementia Awareness

Tomorrow 16th September heralds the beginning of National Dementia Awareness week. National Dementia Awareness week runs from 16th-26th September, with the theme for this year being ‘Worried About Your Memory? Alzheimer’s Australia can help.’

Spina Bifida awareness

This week, 7th-12th September is Spina Bifida Awareness week. Spina Bifida is a neural tube defect birth defect. The cause is unknown, and as many as 2 in 1000 births in Australia are affected by Spina Bifida.