More new products!

Yes, more new products will soon be added to the Special Needs 4 Special Needs website. I’ve also added two new Categories to the Products page, which some of those new items will be going in to.  Stay tuned over the next few days!

Childrens day

Today 27th October Australia celebrates ‘Universal Children Day’. The aim is to observe understanding between children worldwide, and to promote the welfare of the children of the world. Give your kids a big extra special hug today!

Occupational Therapy Week

This week 24-30th October is also Occupational Therapy week. I love OT week, because as most of you who read the blogs would know I think OT is fantastic. OT has made such a difference to my children’s lives, and most people who visit this website would be familiar with or be benefitting from OT.  Thankyou to all the fabulous OT’s out there who make a real difference to the lives of many people! Special thanks to Deb Bone – who has been working her magic with my children for many years now!

Children’s week

This week 23rd-31st October is Childrens Week. Childrens Week aims to to celebrate children and childhood – to highlight their  rights, needs, abilities and achievements. We all love to fight for and celebrate these things about our children, and they take on special significance when our children have special needs. There are events being held in each state to celebrate.

Just added!

Just added to the Special Needs 4 Special Needs products page is 7 new temporary tattoos – with more to come in the following days.  Suitable for Autism, Vision Impaired, Disability, Non-verbal and more. These tattoos are designed to be used when going on outings, in case your child becomes separated from you. With space to write your phone number, these bright tattoos will provide peace of mind when out in public. For more information take a look at our Products page.

New products

The coming days will see new products added to the Special Needs 4 Special Needs Products page. Stay tuned….

Carers week

Today the 17th October marks the beginning of Carers Week. Being a carer/parent myself, this week holds great significance for me, and most of the people that would visit this website.  Being a carer is a demanding, undervalued, and often thankless job.

To quote the Carers Australia website, “Carers provide unpaid care and support to family members and friends who have a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness or who are frail.”.

That means that about 1 in 8 Australians are carers, and about 500,000 are primary carers.  Carers play a vital role in Australia’s health system and are the foundation of our aged, disability and community care systems. Australia’s health system could not survie without the help carers provide – so let’s support our Carers!

World Arthritis Day

Today the 12th October is World Arthritis Day. World Arthritis Day  presents a chance to raise awareness of arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions on a worldwide stage. There are events planned in many different countries around the world, all hoping to raise awareness, and money for education and resources. Arthritis in its many forms affects all ages and all walks of life, and can be very debilitating.

One year!

It has been one year (and a few days) since Special Needs 4 Special Needs came online and went live! I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me and this business, as well as all those customers who keep coming back, and all the new customers who take advantage of what is on offer here.  The business has grown dramatically, and will hopefully continue to do so. What started out as a business with about 15 products has now grown to offer over 85, with more on the way, and always more in the pipeline.  Hearfelt Thanks!!!

Mental Health

Today, 10th October is World Mental Health Day. It also heralds the beginning of  Mental Health Week.  Mental ill-health is one of Australia’s biggest health challenges. Surveys have found that as many as 1 in 5 Australians will suffer mental health issues in any year, which means that up to 3.2 million Australians have suffered a mental health issue in the last 12 months.

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