Battens Disease Awareness

Today the 31st March is National Battens Disease Awarenss Day. Battens Disease is a relatively rare  inherited disorder of the nervous system. It is one of a group of disorders called neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses (or NCLs). There is no cure, no prevention, and is fatal. To donate, visit the Battens Disease australian website at:

Butterfly Month

28th March – 28th April is Buy a Butterfly Month, for the Hear and Say Centre. Buy a Butterfly product from KFC or Suncorp (in QKD) or Hear and Say Centre this month to help give a deaf child the gift of hearing. The Hear and Say Centre is for children who are deaf or hearing impaired, and their families. Get behind this great cause!

Arthritis week

March 27th – April 2nd is Arthritis Awareness week in Australia. 1 in 5 Australians suffer from Arthritis in one form or another. Arthritis is a common term to describe a group of conditions which affect the joints. Arthritis can affect many parts of a persons life – from holding a fork, to holding down a job.  There are over 100 types of Arthritis, it can affect anyone of any age, and it affects more women than men. Many forms of Arthritis can be treated, but there is no cure.

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New products

Special Needs 4 Special Needs is excited about some of the new products which will be available soon – including Sloping Writing Boards and Adult sized Bibs (clothing protectors) to name just a couple. We love new Products!

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Mesh squishy balls (large size) are now back in stock! But be quick, there are limited stocks and they are very popular…

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We’ve just added a couple of new books to the Products page – and there are more new products on the way – stay tuned!

Orthoptic Awareness week

This week 7th-11th March is Orthoptics Awareness week. Orthoptics is a health profession concerned with visual functions and eye movement disorders.Orthoptists can test a patient’s vision to check for eye disease such as glaucoma or other medical conditions that present in the eyes such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis. Orthoptic treatment of certain conditions can relieve visual symptoms and enhance visual performance. Orthoptic vision screening can help save a child’s sight – have you had your childs eyes tested?

More new products

Just added – a couple more new products. Chew Stixx chocolate flavour and Chew Stixx Jnr orange flavour have now been added to the Products page.


This month is Muscular Dystrophy Month in WA. Muscular Dystrophy is a group of hereditary muscle diseases that are characterised by a progressive weakness in muscles and tissues. There are many types of MD, and up to 100 diseases with similarities to MD. Most types of MD are multi-system disorders which can affect many of the bodies organs and tissues. Obviously MD is a life changing disease for the sufferer and their families. To donate, you can visit the WA Muscular Dystrophy website.

March is also National Epilepsy Awareness month. Epilepsy is a term for a group of disorders that cause electrical disturbances in the brain, which can cause seizures or a change in a persons consciousness. There are 40 different types of seizures.  Epilepsy affects up to 10% of the population. Buy a Ribbon or hold a fundraising event on Purple Day to support Elipesy Australia and their effort to increase awareness of Epilepsy.

March will also see Orthoptic Awareness Week,  Childrens Vision Day,  and many other events take place. Take a look at the Events and News page for more information.