Just added!

Just added to the Products page – Scootles ™ scooters. Can’t pedal? No problem - Scootles don’t require pedals, batteries or motors, simply operating with sideways movement from arms and legs (or just arms). Great for motor skills or building  muscle strength. Available in 2 colours in very limited stock numbers – first in, first served!


We will be listing a great product in the coming days – Scootles. These will be a limited item, and only available until stock runs out. Also, we have several products which are ‘out of stock’ at the moment due to overwhelming demand. We will endeavour to have these items available again as soon as possible!

Dress Differently

Today the 8th of April is Dress Differently Day for Autism QLD.  Most of us take forgranted the seemingly simple skills of social interaction, communication or adaptation to our changing environments, but for a person with Autism these things can be challenging and life altering struggles. Dress Differently Day is aiming to let anyone experience  how every day kids with Autism are seeing and experiencing the world differently.

New Products!

Yes, Special Needs 4 Special Needs has just added some more new products – yay! Take a look at the Products page to see our new Adult sized bibs (clothing protectors), more sensory toys, oral motor toys and things that are just for fun. Very soon we will also be adding the Sloping Writing Boards – which has been much anticipated by our customers.

Arriving soon….

In a matter of days we will have new products available on the website. Some of these include Sloping Writing boards, Adult sized bibs, and more sensory and oral motor toys. Their arrival will be announced, so stay tuned….

Shipping costs

Unfortunately due to continuing price rises in postage and petrol for our delivery services our shipping costs will be increasing slightly. After absorbing the last few price rises we must pass on these current price rises. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes, and hope you will understand Special Needs 4 Specail Needs can’t continue to absorb rising prices.  Thankyou!

World Autism Awareness Day

Today, the 2nd of April, is World Autism Awareness Day. Internationally celebrated, this day serves to raise awareness of Autism and its effects, and highlight the need to improve the lives of those on the Spectrum. Autism is a lifelong disability, which can have a significant impact on many aspects of the lives of ASD sufferers, their families, and communities. Approximately 1 in 160 children in Australia are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Light it up Blue for Autism

Autism QLD is celebrating Autism Awareness Month this month, and it kicks off with Light it up Blue for Autism Day today, April 1st, as part of a wider initiative which will see landmarks worldwide turning blue for Autism Awareness. Currently in Australia approximately 1 in 160 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. There is no known cause, and no cure. Light it up Blue for Autism is inspiring hope! The Storey Bridge in Brisbane and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are just two of the famous landmarks which will be lit up blue for this great cause.