Stock update

There are currently many products out of stock, however many products will be back in stock very soon! Unfortunately there has been unusually long delays from some US suppliers. Items that will be back in stock soon will include: Chewlery necklaces, Flexi cut cups, Desk buddy sensory bar, Chew Stixx pencil toppers, Crossover Pencil grips and more. There will also be some new products arriving around the same time such as Moody Bands and Emotion Cards to name a few.

MND Global Day

21st June is MND Global Day. Motor Neurone Disease is a progressive neurological disease,  affecting approx 1400 people in Australia, and indirectly, significantly impacting their family and friends. MND affects the muscles that allow for speech, movement, swallowing and breathing, gradually weakening the muscles until they waste away. It is a devastating disease that rapidly shortens the life expectancy of the sufferer.

MND Global Day hopes to raise awareness, and hope that it will be a turning point in finding a cause, treatment and a cure for the disease.  Each state will be holding their own special events.

10-30% off

Go over to our Products page to check out the latest specials – 10-30% off selected products, until June 30th or while stocks last.

They’re here!

At long last, the Sloping Writing Boards have arrived. Yay!!! Please visit the Products page to check them out.