This week…

This week 21st-27th August is Hearing Awareness week, and also Speech Pathology week. Hearing Awareness week aims to promote community awareness of hearing impairment, while also offering ways to protect your hearing. Approx 22% of Australians have a hearing impairment. Events will be held nationally.

Speech Pathology week launches this year with “Literacy for Life’ as the theme. Almost half of adult Australians have ineffective reading, writing and numeracy skills. Speech Pathologists aim to tackle this during this week. Speech Pathology Week showcases the speech pathology profession and highlights how important literacy is to everybody and at all stages of life.

Brain Injury Awareness

This week, 15th – 21st August is Brain Injury Awareness week.  Acquired Brain Injury can be caused by an accident/trauma, by a stroke, a brain infection, by drugs or alcohol, or by diseases of the brain like Parkinson’s disease etc.  Over 1 million people in Australia have an ABI, and approximately two thirds of ABI’s occur before the age of 25. It is often referred to as the ‘invisible disability’.

This years Brain Injury Awareness week is devoted to those in the criminal justice sysytem with an ABI. As many as 80% of offenders report to have a brain injury, will often reoffend, and don’t qualify for rehabilitation programs.  Events will be held in each state. Visit to purchase a beanie or donate to provide valuable funding for services in the community.

Anxiety Disorders Awareness week

7-13th August is Anxiety Disorders Awareness week. This week aims to raise awareness of OCD and Anxiety Disorders. Anxiety Disorders are the most common mental health disorders affecting Australians, from all walks of life.  The impact of an anxiety disorder can be severe and debilitating on a person’s life. Events, seminars and social activities will be held thorughout Victoria.

New Products

Just listed!  New products such as Photographic Memory cards, Textured Pop Beads and Crossover Grip 50 packs have just been added to the website.  And, more are new products are on the way – yay!

Also, Crossover Pencil Grip 5 packs, and Writing CLAW Medium 20 packs are back in stock.