New products just added!

Some exciting new products have just been added to the website – yay! Have a look on the Products page to check out the new Bite Buddyz, new Chew stixx flavours, and new books.

promOTing better living expo

OT week in QLD culminates in the  promOTing better living expo in Brisbane on the 28th and 29th October. This is the inaugural expo to showcase the OT profession, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, government departments, service providers, and much more. The expo will appeal to those in the Allied Health professions and the general public – and best of all entry is FREE!

Occupational Therapy week

One of my favourite weeks of the year; this week 23rd – 29th October is Occupational Therapy week.  OT week aims to focus on the importance of Occupational Therapists in the Allied Health community.  To quote OT Australia:  “The key message of the week is that occupational therapy equips people to live life to the fullest. OT gives people with injury, illness or disability the skills they need to lead a fulfilling life. Occupational therapists can make the difference between simply existing and making the best of each moment.”

I totally agree OT Australia. Occupational Therapy has made a huge difference to my childrens lives, so I think OT’s (particularly my OT) are a treasure!

Carers Week

16th-22nd October is Carers Week. This week celebrates, recognises and supports the almost 2.6 million  carers in Australia. Carers Australia’s theme is “Anyone, Anytime, can be a carer”. People of all ages are carers for those who are elderly or disabled, or unable to care for themselves through mental illness or a chronic condition. It is a demanding, often thankless job,  and this week aims to raise awareness of that. Our health system could not survive with carers, and often the carers quality of life can be reduced, so support from family, friends and the community is of utmost importance.

Down Syndrome Awareness

This week 16th – 22nd is Down Syndrome Awareness week. The week is aiming to recognise and celebrate inclusion of people with Down Syndrome.  Down Syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality, present at birth, which affects approximately 1 in every 860 births worldwide. There are 3 different types of Down Syndrome, the most common being Trisomy 21. It is the most common cause of intellectual disability, and with over 50 characteristics can also be associated with congenital heart defects, hearing and vision problems,  or low muscle tone – though each person with Down Syndrome is different. Events, such as ‘Buddy Walks’ will be held nationally.

Just added!

New products have just been added to the website – Therapeutic Putty. Available in 85gm (3oz) tubs in 3 different strengths – extra soft, soft and medium. Therapeutic putty is great for hand and finger strengthening, hand grip exercises, sensory stimulation, and even stress relief. Squeeze, stretch, pinch, and so much more.

World Mental Health Day

Today the 10th October is World Mental Health day. This day is celebrated worldwide, to promote open discussion on mental health issues, prevention and treatment services. Mental disorders affect approximately 12% of the world population, or one in 4 people. Events and programs will be held worldwide.

This week…

This week  9th-15th October is Mental Health Week, which will also incorporate Mental Health Day on the 10th.   The aim of the week is to raise awareness in the community of mental health issues and the affects on sufferers, and to promote achieving good mental health. It also aims at contributing to reducing the stigma associated with mental ill health, and offers a platform to engage the community in seeking help for mental health issues. In Australia approximately 1 in 5 people aged over 16 years have had some sort of a mental disorder. There is a huge impact for the economy financially, and personally the impact socially and emotionally is profound.  Events will be held nationally.

Amputee Awareness

This week, 4th-11th October is National Amputee Awareness week. Limbs for Life is aiming to raise awareness of Amputees and their related issues within the community. Limbs for Life supports Amputees and their families by providing Peer support programs, Social and Support programs and other services.

Mental Health Month

October is Mental Health Month in NSW.  Mental Health Month’s (which used to be Mental Health Week) main aim is to promote social and emotional wellbeing to the population by encouraging people to maximise their health and mental health. The theme for this year is “Wellbeing: Invest in Life” – which encourages people to take a holistic approach to their health and therfore mental health.