Chew Stixx

The following products are now back in stock: Chew Stixx Junior – red,  BiteBuddyz with retractable clip, Chew Stixx Pencil Toppers, Chew Stixx – chocolate, Chew Stixx Junior – orange, ChewStixx – purple, and Chew Stixx Junior – chocolate. In the coming days there will also be new Chew products added to the website…stay tuned!

Just added

Special Needs 4 Special Needs has just added lots of new products to the website, including:  Wedge Cushions (2 sizes), Joint CoMotion, Flex rings, Conversation Cubes, O balls, Ball hop, Flashing glitter keychain, Foam geometric puzzles, Jingle bell bracelets, and many more items. Yay! Products Just for Fun, for Motor Skills and for Sensory needs. Head on over to the Products page to have a look :)

They’re back!

The following products are now back in stock: Visual Liquid Timers, Squeeze balls, Hedgeball Pencil Toppers, Punky Wristbands, and Budget Spiky bracelets. Hooray!