Stock update

Just in – Alien Vibrating Pillows and Snowflake building blocks. Pop into the store to have a look.

Jnr Wedge cushions are on their way, as are the Sloping Writing  Boards. We will expect delivery in approximately 2 weeks. Stay tuned for further stock updates regarding these items.

Welcome to 2013

Happy 2013 everyone! Though it is sad to see the end of holidays it is exciting to be back, and looking forward to the year ahead. This year will bring more new products, which is always very exciting!

As we were closed for nearly 4 weeks, we are now out of stock of many items, but these out of stocks will be replenished in the coming weeks. Back soon will be Jnr Wedge cushions and Sloping Writing boards, Writing Claw medium and many other products. Keep an eye on the RSS feed or the website for stock updates.

Still no joy with regards to Yoropens as yet, but we will keep trying to get these back in stock as soon as possible. Many Yoropen products have been out of stock for quite a while, and we appreciate your patience. So Happy New Year, and welcome back!