April is a busy month event wise.  April is Autism Awareness Month, with April 2nd being World Autism Awareness Day. This week, 5th – 14th April is National Youth Week. The 7th April was World Health Day. The 11th is World Parkinsons Day. The 18th April is the ‘Drawtism For Laughs’ event in North Melbourne. And, the 24th April  is International Guide Day, to name just a few. For more information on any of these events please visit the appropriate websites.

Delivery charges

As many of you may be aware because of the public uproar through the media outlets, Australia Post has again increased their delivery prices this week. Special Needs 4 Special Needs has absorbed the last couple of price rises to save our customers money, however we cannot continue to do this. So, unfortunately there will be slight price rises in delivery costs. To ensure you make the most of your delivery cost be sure the fill your parcel. You can calculate your delivery costs at any time during the ordering process.

Special Needs 4 Special Needs will, as always, continue to deliver your orders in the most cost effective and appropriate way for each order, either using Australia Post or a courier.

New Products :)

Over the last few days there have been several new Products added to the Sensory Tools and Motor skill categories. We love new items! Pop into the store to check them out. Also, there will be even more new products added in the coming days – hooray!

Back in stock

Hooray – we now have Glitter Lamp keyrings, Hedgehog pencil toppers, Mini Hedgehog balls, Flashing Necklaces, Budget Spiky bracelets, and Sml Squishy Mesh balls back in stock. Not only do we have those items back in stock, but in the coming days we will also have many new products available – happy days when there are new products to love!