About Special Needs 4 Special Needs…

Hello! I am a Brisbane mother of 3 young children, two of whom have Aspergers Syndrome. I began Special Needs 4 Special Needs over 6 1/2 years ago after having difficulty sourcing products for my own children. What a fantastic 6 1/2 years they have been. I have been fortunate enough to grow a successful business, through hard work and dedication, to provide a valued resource for families, school and therapists of individuals with special needs.

Unfortunately the success of the business took me away from my own special needs children. So, I made the difficult decision a few months ago to close down, to focus on my own family. We are all certain this is the right decision for us, and are all excited about having more time for each other.

I would like to thank my wonderful loyal customers far and wide for the continued support of local small business. I wish you all only the best for the future.

Heading into the future I will be taking a step back into a smaller, less demanding, business – weightymates – where it all began. For your weighted item needs please visit weightymates on Facebook:


Thankyou. All the best!

Fiona :)