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Happy New Year wonderful people out there!  Let’s hope the year ahead brings us all happiness and health, and lots of fun along the way!

After having just returned from a lovely holiday in a cabin by the beach, I am reminded of the extra challenges involved when holidaying with a child (or children) with special needs. That is, if you dare to holiday at all…

We always try to holiday in the quieter times, never in peak periods when everything is a lot more crowded and busy, even at Christmas we go away before the Boxing day rush – that’s when we’re usually leaving. Once upon a time we didn’t holiday, or even go out, at all. Now our holidays aren’t as complicated as having to accomodate wheelchairs or specialist equipment, as some of you would have to  – and that would be a real challenge. Our challenges come in the form of hypersensitivity to light, temperature, touch, smell and taste, an aversion to crowds and sand (difficult when you are holidaying at the beach), overstimulation and hyperactivity, and the unpredictability of mother nature (she doesn’t stick to a routine- and that can be a problem). 

However, we are getting fairly practised at dealing with these things, and trying to avoid some of them where possible without diminishing the fun of the holiday for everyone else. So, while we may not have a ‘normal’ type of holiday (from an outsiders point of view) full of spontaneity and excitement, we still manage to have a holiday, and make it as good as we can with the challenges that are presented to us. And as long as we all come home with happy memories, then all the extra ‘work’ that goes into our holiday is so worth it! I hope you all made happy memories over the Christmas period, and make many more througout this new year!

Fiona :)

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