Blog – nearly Christmas time…argghhh!!!

Well, the year is winding down. The christmas decorations are starting to go up in shopping centres, christmas craft is being done at school, and all of a sudden the countdown is on.  Not long til Santa does his dash around the globe. And that excitement and anticipation can also cause a lot of stress and anxiety.

This also means, the end of the school year is getting close. ‘Hooray’ say some…’arghhhh’ say others.  The kids will be at home from school for about 6 weeks, and for some parents that is a scary thought. No break from the demands of parenting a special needs child, and if your child is normally at school it’s going to feel like a long 6 weeks.

My kids are really showing the signs that the end of the year is nigh, and they can’t deal with school anymore.  The self harm stuff is peaking, the anxiety is nearly unbearable, the hyperactivity is off the richter…and there is still 4 weeks to go til holidays.  Can we wait that long??? I can.

While I absolutely love the freedom of not having to make lunches and do homework every night that school holidays brings, the anxiety and stress that the unstructured daily holiday life brings, I could live without.  While I try to provide structure and routine and things that will help relieve those problems, I am human, and sometimes I wonder “When do I get a holiday from all this?”

This time of year there is lots of stress at school – to complete things, make christmas gifts for loved ones, christmas events, and teachers sometimes have a lot more unstructured time in the classroom to complete all they need to. There is lots of talk about moving up to the next year level, having new classmates, new teacher, new routine, new classroom, new new new….scary and stressful stuff for a lot kids, moreso for those kids with special needs. This stress and anxiety ends up coming home for mum and dad to deal with.

Still, tis the season to be jolly, so as parents and carers we go the extra mile, and somehow try to make everything wonderful, happy, calm and enjoyable for all. Even these last few weeks of school. Even the long 6 weeks of school holidays. And we hope  the long break from school revitalises childrens souls, calms their mind and body, replenishes their spirits, and ours too. Lets hope these last few weeks of school, the christmas festivities and the holidays are happy for all, and enjoyed by all too.

Til next time…

Fiona :)

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