It’s been a little while since my last blog - I gave in to the craziness of life and the blog was neglected…until today!  Here we are nearly at the end of March, nearly the end of the first school term. I hope you parents and carers and your special children have survived fairly unscathed by the first chaotic term of school. 

My own children have been very up and down at school – though are now benefitting from having a  brand new SE Unit block at their school.  My ASD son has been struggling  – struggling with his hyperactivity, his sensory issues, and social ineptitude. His teacher has been struggling with his ‘non-compliance’ and his inability to focus and remain undistracted.  My ASD daughter has been coping slightly better than my son so far this year. There are the usual struggles for her, like her anxiety, sensory issues etc, and her Auditory Processing Difficulties do not make life any easier for her.

 Thankfully, the Special Needs Co-ordinator at our school has secured (borrowed) a special microphone and headphones set for her and her teacher – which should make hearing what’s going on in the classroom a lot clearer. We’re then hoping it will help with her struggle with understanding the words, language and concepts of many of the subjects.  We’re very thankful for this, as to buy these sets costs around $3000 +, something out of our reach.  Thinking about helpful people, equipment and opportunities to help special needs kids leads me to my next topic…

A few weeks ago I was walking through my local shopping centre, and was thrilled to come across a couple of lovely ladies who were there to promote the opening of a new child care centre. So what? I hear you say , there are a thousand child care centres out there.  I was thrilled because this was no ordinary child care centre.  This particular Early Learning Centre is called ‘Ablecare’, and it is childcare specifically for special needs!

‘Ablecare’ was established by a physiotherapist to provide therapy, support and educational programs for children and adults with disabilities. It is privately owned, and like regular daycare, families may  be eligible for the Child Care Benefit.  Immediately I thought ‘Where was this when my children were younger???’  I was so happy that a service like this was now available!  What a relief for parents who need to work but found regular childcare was not an viable option, for whatever reason. 

Childcare for a special needs child can be hard to find, there’s a lot involved, including trying to get funding for an aide. I know this isn’t a brand new concept, but it’s wonderful to know that  there are now several locations where there is a service which is meeting the very real demands of a large community of people. My special needs children are now school age, and I don’t need before or after school care for them, but it is very comforting to know that if my situation changed and I needed that service, that it is available, in my local area. Fantastic!   Disability services are slowly growing, let’s hope it continues, for all those many people who need it.

Have a great day!

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