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Well, the countdown is on until the first day back at school. Many parents out there are rejoicing – many kids are too,  but I am actually sad to see the end of the holidays, and my school age kids are already stressed about returning to school.

For our family, school holidays are a time of  less stress and anxiety, less running around from appointment to appointment, less demands both mentally and physically, and this leads to fewer meltdowns and happier children. Yay! Of course, this also means that my 3 children are at home together at the same time, and this leads to countless fights and squabbles over insignificant things, but none the less, they are happier.

Now it’s only days before the whole huge, overwhelming, stressful, scary, confusing school year starts, along with all the other things that go with it like Speech Therapy and OT etc. So, I’m trying to prepare them as much as I can, talking about what to expect, the positive things to look forward to, the good things about going back to school etc.

They are excited about the new shoes and new books, new glue sticks and pencils, but that’s where the excitement finishes. So, along with preparing them, I’m also preparing myself  so I can help them deal with all their fears, anxieties, stresses, concentration troubles, physical or motor skill challenges, and anything else that comes along. The school year seems to drag on for all of us, because it is such a huge challenge. But, we keep plodding along, and we get through it, with a lot of therapy and helpful tools along the way. My kids will be armed with lots of things to help them in the classroom as much as possible, to make their days a little easier.

There are lots of products available on this website that may help kids in the classroom. Writing aids such as the Yoropens and Pencil grips, weighted lap bags and shoulder bags to aid with concentration and calming, bag tags to help remind kids of what to put in their bags, fidget toys, and more. Have a look at the Products page to see what might help your child, to make their lives a little easier in the classroom.

Good luck to everyone with special needs kids about to go back to school. Let’s hope they get all the support they need this year, and have a truly enjoyable year.



One Response to “Back to school blog”
  1. Deb says:

    Fiona, what a wonderful website :)
    I have just made my first order which I am sure will be the first of many and I was very impressed not only with your products, but also prices. Being an OT I have viewed many websites that stock tools for kids with special needs and it is great to have one so well put together and local ! Yippee.

    All the best with this, you should be very proud of this.

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